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Phonak has introduced a brand new device (called Belong) to go with their latest generation of hearing aids. Belong has more processing power than the previous aid (called Venture) and with this advancement in technology comes enhancements to some features, especially when it comes to noise reduction. There is also, for the first time, a rechargeable hearing aid, called the Belong B-R.

The Belong is only available in a style called the Receiver-in the-Ear (or RITE). This is an aid that fits behind the ear with a thin wire attached to it. At the end of the wire is the receiver. The receiver fits into the ear canal and through it the processed sound from the aid is delivered. The RITE type of aid is very popular because of its cosmetic appeal and the natural sound quality.

Belong devices have, like other aids, the ability to communicate with each other. Phonak calls this “Binaural Voice Stream Technology”, which, according to the company, is where the two aids work together to achieve the best hearing in a variety of challenging listening environments. With their new Autosense OS operating system, the Belong aids will adjust to different listening situations.

With the Autosense OS, according to Phonak, there are some enhancements:.

The premium version of the Belong platform is the B90. The B90 has several features that the wearer will find helpful:

Speech in 360°: Phonak's "Speech in 360°" technology automatically selects the direction of speech and streams this to the other ear, improving speech intelligibility without the need to face the speaker.

Speech in Loud Noise: Phonak's "Speech in Loud Noise" feature zooms in on a single voice in a diffuse noisy environment, improving speech intelligibility.

Comfort in Echo: Phonak's "Comfort in Echo" technology makes speech more comfortable and less distorted.

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Phonak hearing aids are available in many models, styles and colors.  There are less elaborate (and therefore, less expensive) models of the Belong line of hearing aids. The midlevel device would be the B70, and the basic would be the B50. There are not as many features and programs on the B70 and B50, but most people do very well with the midlevel and premium devices.

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