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Phonak’s latest hearing aid is the Marvel, and it is available in both the Receiver-in-the-Ear and a custom version.  The Marvel replaces the previous model, the Belong.

The Marvel has a new processor that is faster and more accurate than the one in the Belong.  There are several improvements to the Marvel, such as:

Autosense 3.0 is the heart of the new Marvel aids.  It uses artificial intelligence to analyze and adapt to many more listening situations than ever before.  According to Phonak, “The operating system analyzes acoustic environments and draws upon multiple features within the hearing aid. It then blends them to create over two hundred distinct settings, resulting in optimized sound regardless of the listening environment.”

The Binaural Voicestream Technology is where the two hearing communicate with each other, and work together to get the right sound in many different listening environments.   Binaural VoiceStream Technology streams the full audio bandwidth in real time from ear to ear, which helps hear better in noise or when you are not facing the person who is talking to you. 

One of the best features is the ability of the Marvel to stream phone calls, music, and podcasts (among other things) directly to either an Android Phone or an I-Phone.  Phonak is unique in that the user can answer a call with a push of a button on the aids.  You don’t have to fumble around getting your phone if it is in your pocket or on a nearby table. 

When you push the button and connect to the phone, you just talk to the person as you normally would.   They can hear you because the microphones on the Marvel pick up your voice.

The Marvel also has a great app that allows you to change programs, modify the frequencies such as bass, midrange and treble, and raise or lower the level of the background noise.

There are other helpful features on the app, and you can go to and go to the Marvel section to learn more about it.

The Marvel has both a Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE) and a custom made product. The vast majority of Marvel aids are the RITE. The RITE is a small device that fits behind your ear. A thin, nearly invisible wire goes from the aid and the into the ear canal, where the sound is delivered. The sound is processed by the aid behind your ear.

As mentioned previously, the Marvel RITE is able to stream phone calls, as well as music and podcasts from both an I-Phone and most Android devices. The aid has a small rocker switch that can be used to both change the volume and access additional programs. For example, you might have a program to go to in case the main one isn't working out in a particular noisy environment. Or you can have a program specifically for music listening. There are a lot of options that you and your hearing healthcare professional can choose from at the time of the fitting.

The Marvel RITE comes in a rechargeable version, as well as one that uses a regular battery. With the rechargeable type, you just put the aids in the charger overnight and the hearing aids last the whole day, even if you do a lot of streaming with the phone. It is convenient to have this because if you have some problems with manual dexterity or just want to save some money on batteries, this option would be helpful.

The Marvel comes in 4 levels of technology. The premium is the M90, the midlevel is the M70 and the basic is the M50. There is another called the M30, and is a pared down version of the M50. Most of our clients, if they want a basic Marvel, are usually going for the M50 since it has a few more features and is only slightly more in price.

The differences in the levels are the processing between the aids and the number of adjustments that can be done by the hearing healthcare professional. The app will work the same in all the aids.

In addition, there is a custom made version of the Marvel. It also comes in 4 levels of technology. The real differences between the custom and the RITE are that the RITE aids are rechargeable and sometimes we can get more power in the RITE aids depending on the receiver that is in the patient's ear. However, some people may like the custom version because there is nothing behind your ear and they are sometimes easier to put in. To communicate with a smartphone the aids have to be a canal size or larger. The very small Completely-in-Canal aid does not have enough room to put the Bluetooth connection in.

The Marvel aids are able to be adjusted remotely, which is very convenient for the patient. What happens is an appointment is made, and then a phone call is initiated from the computer of the Hearing Healthcare Professional (HHP) to the Smartphone of the patient. The patient holds the phone in front of them, and a live stream of their HHP is visible, and their hearing aids are now able to be adjusted remotely. The changes the patient asks for are sent and the aids are ready to go. This remote tuning ability will save the patient time and money since they don't have to physically be there.

The Marvel comes with some helpful optional accessories. One of these is for the TV called the Airstream. The device is connected to the TV by either the Audio Out on the TV or, for even better sound quality, the Optical out. Most new TV's have an Optical out and that would be the best connection. The Airstream sits next to the TV and is powered by plugging it into the wall.

The Airstream, once the Marvel aids are paired to it (which is a very easy process) will automatically detect when the hearing aids are in the room. It will then begin streaming the sound from the TV directly to the devices. There is nothing to wear around your neck or clip to your clothes like it was before. You can also adjust the volume of the sound from the TV by either the rocker switch on the aids or the app on your phone. The Airstream will connect directly to the Marvel and the previous version, the B-Direct.

There are other accessories that are helpful, such as the Partner Mike or the Roger Select.  The Phonak website has more details on the differences on these devices, but basically the Roger Select is a microphone that is used to hear much better in noise, such as in a restaurant.  The clients who have used the Roger Select have found it to be very effective. 

If you would like information on any of these hearing aids or accessories, or other Phonak products, just all Chris at 203-866-3838 or go to

We hope to see you soon.

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